Why make a website like this?

Why make a website you might ask. I’m not really sure but, I thought and felt that it can help me as well as it can help others too and that would be good. It was and still is a strange feeling that some big change is coming. Well, changes are always happening but this could be different. I’m not sure, maybe its just me but here we are, let me know what do you think.

What I try to offer to people and what I expect from others?

I want to be a better human being so I will walk slowly in that direction and I invite you to join me if you feel the same. I’m not telling you I know the answers but whatever truth I believe I know and find on the way, I will share it with you and I incurage you to do the same.

What do I want in general?

I don’t want anything particularly but I want all that is good. Though I’m aware that today I’m not even sure what all good exactly is but I am willing to find out and change my self for it. I would like to find out more about myself and to be surer who I am and what exactly I can do. I know there are more people out there feeling the same. Here we can connect.

What is the goal?

The goal would be a good life. Life in this world, as is today, is mostly bad in many ways, that’s my opinion so one of my question is, can we live a better life? As we go along I hope we will discover many possibilities to do so.

All of this is maybe now a bit chaotic, but since I’m not so experienced in web design that should be understandable. As I intend myself to change, this will change also, in time. I ask for your patience as well as your suggestions because here, we all love each other and for all the good things to happen, needs a certain time. My native language is not English so that can be also an issue, but with help of others, it can be done right. Later I can translate the website to other languages if there will be need for it.

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