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We are a kind of people that love each other and that's how we recognize others too.

Looking at the world you may wonder, how is that possible that people doing bad things and not realizing that what ever they do, they do that to them selves.It must be that somehow people don't see the truth, there's no other explanation. Maybe you are thinking, being good has never served me well, but I don't prefer to be bad either so what to do? If you asking where is this all that is happening in the world today, leading us? If you are like-minded and have similar questions this is a good place for you. We are not "special", but here, we all strive to love each other and we wish good to everyone, at the same time we are not afraid to change if that means something better. We learn, we change.

Here, we are all creators!

We are all equal!

    A question for you. Is there a possibility to create a place where everyone is equal and  where there is no one, equal to you, regulating your way of thinking and living without your consent, according to his own wish?

    This here, is a quest and an undertaking to try to accomplish exactly that, in a form of a website and it’s success will completely be dependent on you and all of us. Here we ask questions, point out the truth, give answers, suggestions and help each others. Will everyone be 100% correct in their answers or opinions? Of Course not but, since we are all equal, in time we can  abstract the most helpful and the best among us, and in our self as well, to quicken and elevate the process of our awakening to love and truth.

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Questions ?

It is usually so, that we know all the answers until we realize some day, that we might be wrong. When we start to question our selves than we are on the right way to wake up. No one has all the answers but together here, we have more than we could ever have alone. Ask questions, so we can find the answers together.


A very important part of our existence but it looks like we are completely wrong about it. We can argue about health but when you look the reality you see that hospitals are full with people. Those who get ill most of the time stay in that condition and they only treat the symptoms. Most of those people that are ill listening to doctors, scientist and so on… wouldn’t it be better if we first listen the people that were ill and got well, for a change? People were never bin sicker than today and yet technology is at it’s highest level, obviously something is not right. Lets find out whats work and help ourselves. If you have experience in health preservation and regeneration share it with us.

This website is in development and we hope that there are like minded people all around the world who would love to contribute to its growth. I am learning and changing each day, so does this website in every way is possible as we go along. What ever suggestion you have or don’t like what you see, you can influence its  development so don’t feel shy whether you are a member or a visitor, you are all welcome.

Lets share our thoughts

There are many ways we can help each other and learn from each other’s experiences. You can share those with us in any way you want.


You can chat with anybody you want just ask. Try to find someone that resonate with you and makes you feel better. You can help each other just by sharing your thoughts.

Ask a question

You can ask what ever question you would like to get answer for. We will try to find answers together and present them to the community so that others can benefit as well.


There are and will be more useful information that you can freely browse without any restriction. If you find this place good for you you can join us any time.

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